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Viasys - Intelligent Video


Edge Analytics for IQeye - Next generation motion detection -

Reliable alarm and intrusion detection: Eliminate 95% of all false alarms
Runs on all IQeye PRO LINE series cameras
Field proven: 7,500 channels connected to alarm centers
Dramatic reduction of bandwidth and storage space usage
Easy integration and configuration

  • Adaptive Outdoor Analytics: Ignore environmental variables like tree branches moving in the wind, rain, snow, change in lighting, reflections and moving shadows.
  • 3D Video-Awareness: distinguishes between people and vehicles based on aspect ratio.
  • Electronic Fence / Trip Wire: secure a perimeter by selecting the boundaries of the areas of interest.
  • Directional Detection: alarm triggers when subjects motion in a direction.
  • Sabotage Detection: alarm triggers when view is obscured.

Integrates smoothly into all Video Management Systems such as:

IQinvision DiviCro exacq Griffid logiware NetAvis
Milestone MiraSys ipconfigure ONSSI
SeeTec SINVR XPbPlus

IQeye - Boxed


Installation & Configuration
  • Simple direct to camera software download
  • Easily installed via IP-network from any PC
  • Integrates seamlessly into IQeye web GUI and event handling
  • Installs and configures in 5 minutes


  • Expands from IQ Web Interface
  • Includes Installation Wizard


1)Supported Cameras
and Video Encoders
All IQeye PRO LINE cameras
Video standard IP – JPEG (Motion JPEG)
Resolution / Image Size VGA, 1,2,3 and 5 MegaPixel
Frames per sec min. 2 images / sec (2 FPS)
max. 25 images / sec (25 FPS)*
Video Input one IP camera
Viewer via 3rd party system or viasys PC-Client
Recording Triggered by 3rd party systems or IQrecorder
Compression see “Video Standard”
Storage via 3rd party system
Password yes
Configuration via Web-Browser
Selective Setting configurable indoor and outdoor sensitivity, distance in field of view, full image analysis, electronic masking, sensitivity discriminates between objects based on size
Actions Triggering via TCP/IP to 3rd party system or via IQ event management
Recording by third party systems in standard resolution and frame rate*.
Saves last alarm images: pre-alarm images, alarm images, protocol images
Sustained Recording see Recording
Display via Web Browser, viasys PC-client Software or 3rd party system
* when supported by 3rd party system (milestone, NetAvis, SeeTec, etc.)

Installation Program (Plugin Loader)

Medium CD-ROM, Website download
Operation System Microsoft Windows
Installation via IP-network
Installation via via Web Browser, viasys PC-client Software or 3rd party system

* when supported by 3rd party system (milestone, NetAvis, SeeTec, etc.)
Remote Installation yes
Installation via free 30 day trial, then activation viawebsite by camera serial nr. (MAC)

Free Trial

Please test the Plugin on your IQeye-Camera as a 30-days free-trial with complete functionality which is available on the website


Please contact:
viasys IV GmbH
Werner-Heisenberg-Str. 4
D – 63263 Neu-Isenburg
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone +49 6102 - 364668
Fax +49 6102 - 364680